Stylish Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Stylish Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas Home Decorating

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The holidays are coming. Festive shop windows are bringing joyful holiday mood into the cities and towns. It’s time to fill your home with Christmas atmosphere too! Our holidays decorating ideas and home touches will turn your dwelling into a real winter wonderland!

6 Stylish Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Cinnamon Stick Candles

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Signature Large Tumbler Candle

All you need is a candle, six inch or three-inch cinnamon sticks and a hot glue gun.

  • Find a vanilla candle if you can, because vanilla and cinnamon together will make your entire house smell amazing.
  • Attach the cinnamon sticks to the side of your candle with a hot glue gun. To create a harmonious composition, make sure your cinnamon sticks are the size of the candle you are using because they can be difficult to cut.
  • Continue this process around the rest of the candle.

If you tie a festive red ribbon around your candle, this will turn into a beautiful gift for your friend.

Winter Wonderlands in a Glass Vase

Diamond Star Christmas Glass Vase Set of 3 Decorative Flower Vase with Ribbon Bow (White)

To fulfill the dream of a winter wonderland in life you need any glass container, some decorations like small Christmas tree and some table salt.

  • Your first step will be pouring salt into the container. The salt will gather into a nice and thick blanket of snow. Then you can build your scene.
  • Set your decorations into the salt and arrange the whole wonderland.

This piece of Christmas home décor will look elegant wherever you place it.

Dried Oranges

500g/17.6oz Dried Orange Slices, Sweetened Dried Oranges Slices , Sugar Free, Vegan & Kosher

Fill your home with the scent of loveliness. All you will need are some oranges. You can go for some big ones and some slightly smaller ones.

  • Slice these and use kitchen roll or towel to get out as much excess orange juice as possible. You can leave your slices on a towel for a while to dab them.
  • Then get a baking tray and sheet of baking paper.
  • Lay out your oranges ready to go into the oven. Set your oven to a very low temperature. 100℃ is perfect.
  • Leave the slices in the oven for a couple of hours but keep checking on them.

Once your orange decorations are done, leave them to cool down and use them to your heart’s content.


Large Glass Plant Terrarium – House Succulent Glass Terrarium Kit with Lip Glass Greenhouse Terrarium for Plant (Black 1)

Put off your search for an academic essay writing service, to create this gorgeous stylish element for your home. A terrarium is a little sanctuary of succulents and cactuses. All you need to create this festive piece of modern décor is a small glass bowl, some little cactuses, and succulents.

  • Pick some sand and stones to put on the bottom of your bowl.
  • Then fill the bowl with soil and plant your cactuses and succulents.
  • Make a little dip in your soil and pop plants in.
  • Put a bit more soil on top, pat it down, and make sure everything’s sturdy.
  • Decorate the top with more stones and pebbles.
  • You can also sprinkle a couple of clear glass mosaic pieces on top.

Your terrarium is ready to be put on the mantelpiece! Or make a Christmas tree cat house for your cat or kitten to place beside your terrarium.

Festive Balls in the Jar

JIALEIXI Christmas Balls Ornaments Assorted Pendant Shatterproof Ball Ornament Set Seasonal Decorations with Reusable Hand-Help Gift Boxes Ideal for Xmas, Holiday and Party (RED / Green/Gold)

This idea will add a stylish touch to your home.

  • Take a glass jar or vase, preferably tall and bright Christmas balls of different shapes and colors. Make sure the colors match each other and interior of your home.
  • Fill the jar with balls and place it on your windowsill or in the middle of the table.

This can also serve as a modern replacement for Christmas tree.

Table Festive Garland

COCOBOO 4 Pack 26 Feet Artificial Eucalyptus Garland with Willow Leaves, Silver Dollar Fake Greenery Vines for Mantle Wedding Table Runner Decoration Indoor Outdoor Wall Decor

This is a simple decoration that will make your table look more festive. You will need a garland, fake snow spray, some pine tree cons, red berries and festive red ribbons.

  • First, place your garland in the middle of the table.
  • Then spray the tips with a little bit of snow.
  • Take pine tree cons and red berries and hot glue them to the garland.
  • Then make simple bows from your ribbons and hot glue them to the pine tree cons. You can also add your dried oranges to the garland and make the whole room smell delicious!

You can use this table garland as Christmas window decorations to add an elegant touch to your windows.

The best part of holidays is preparing for them. Engage your friends and relatives in creating these festive pieces of décor and make your houses cute and lovely for the winter!

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