6 Awesome Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

6 Awesome Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

Vampire Halloween Costume
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Choosing Halloween themes and costumes takes time, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Still, who doesn’t want to be well dressed for one of the best holidays in a calendar year?

If you want to try something new this Halloween, dress up as a vampire. A vampire Halloween costume is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ideas you can implement at home.

And to help you out, we have rounded up the top 6 vampire Halloween costumes for you to have a dazzling look at this October.

Best Vampire Halloween Costumes

1. Dracula

No Halloween is complete without a Dracula costume. Check the plain Dracula costume from the Hotel Transylvania if it is still your favorite horror character. All you need for this look is a black and white three-piece suit. Place a black bowtie and a collared cape on it. Dont forget to paint your face and put on fake fangs.

Rubie's Transylvanian Vampire Costume, Medium

2. Twilight Vampire Costume

If you belong to the Twilight fandom, make an Edward costume from the movie or mimic any member of his family. You can also recreate Bella’s wedding dress as well as Edward’s suit for you and your partner if you want a light and positive Halloween feel.

Edward-Cullen Bella-Swan-Twilight 18"X 18"Inch Polyester Pillow Cases Home Decor Decorations Square Soft Throw Pillow Covers for Car Bed Bedroom Sofa

3. Bat Costume 

As vampires can transform themselves into bats, so can you. Just go to your nearby store and buy a bat-shaped cape. Ladies can wear this bat-cape over a short black skirt with high boots and a face mask around the eyes. For men, they might want to dress up as Batman fully.

Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Bat adult sized costumes, Black, Large US

4. Vampire Costume for Women

Be it a wedding or a national event like Halloween; women have always topped the dress-up contest. So, ladies, you can transform yourself with spooky vampire makeup this Halloween. In this matter, Youtube and Instagram are full of vampire makeup tutorials you can watch for different themes. As a cherry on top, add fake black nails, a false head crown, and a glamorous dress.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Midnight Vampiress Costume, Red/Black, Large

5. Vampire Halloween Costume for Kids

Infants and toddlers make the cutest vampires. Moreover, their costume design is also effortless and easily accessible. Just grab a red vest of your child’s size and put it over a white shirt. Add black leggings and a cute bowtie to the collar. Lastly, complete the look with a red and black cape.

Girls Dark Vampire Costume, Small - 4-6, 1 Pc MONIKA FASHION WORLD Boys Kids Vampire Halloween Costume, Dracula​ Size S M 4 5 6 7 S (4-6) Size Small Black

6. Vampirina Costume for Girls

This vampire costume for little girls is from the Disney show “Vampirina.” Like all other suggested costumes, this outfit is also easily available at renowned online stores. Besides, you can also sew this costume at home. All you need is a black check cloth to make a dress and pink socks. You might still have to buy a black vampire headband.

Disguise Disney Vampirina Classic Girls' Costume Black Size/(4-6x)


Halloween is an excellent day to unleash yourself as your favorite character and feel like you are in a fantasy land. As costume preparations for a character can take time, it is best to select your costume beforehand.

If you have always been fond of vampires like me, go through the above easy costume ideas to top this look and blaze up the streets and your social media profile. These dresses are easily available, and you can sew them at home. So, get creative this October with a vampire Halloween costume.

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