5 Dog Thanksgiving Outfits

5 Dog Thanksgiving Outfits

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Prepping for Thanksgiving takes days or even weeks in some cases. Leading up to the widely celebrated holiday, you need to coordinate regarding the food, the guests, and more. While our families are busy organizing to celebrate with friends and family, our dogs can feel the excitement, stress, and anticipation in the air.

One way to include your dog in the festivities is an adorably fun dog thanksgiving outfit. However, not everyone knows how to dress their dog for Thanksgiving. We’ve listed a few for your convenience if you need ideas.

5 Dog Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

1. Buy One!

While shopping for your Thanksgiving attire, you can stop and pick something up for your dog. There are many holiday-themed pet outfits available both online and in stores. Depending on what you’re looking for, it might be relatively easy to get. For example, outfits that are turkey or food-themed are relatively popular.

Want your pet to look unique and different? Customizing your dog’s outfit is the way to go. Not only is it fun, but you’ll probably get a lot of laughs. In addition, you can make do with creative combos of pet clothing you already own.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Hat and Tie

For Thanksgiving, consider adding a tie to your dog’s wardrobe. Your dog can wear it by itself or with an adorable outfit of your choice. You can choose between a standard necktie or a bowtie. If you don’t have either of these handy, tying a bow with ribbon on your dog’s collar, waist, or head also looks adorable. To elevate the look, add in a cute hat.

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3. Turn Your Pet Into a Budget Turkey

Now is the time to use the colors of Thanksgiving to your advantage! Your dog strutting around in a set of colorful turkey feathers or a turkey headpiece made from cardboard will lift the mood. You can make lots of easy DIY turkey costumes using basic materials you already have at home. For example, you only need a pair of scissors, colored paper, and ribbon for most DIYs. Thus, DIYing a turkey costume for your dog is great fun. More importantly, the final product is memorable.

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4. Thanksgiving-Themed T-Shirt

Both location and not having an adequate amount of time might be reasons you aren’t able to buy a costume. In these cases, you can purchase or reuse any clothing item that might fit your dog. For example, Thanksgiving-themed t-shirts for toddlers and children might fit small or medium-sized dogs. You can also print Thanksgiving phrases on a plain shirt using colored markers if you’re in a pinch.

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5. Knit a Sweater

If you’re interested in knitting, you also have the option of knitting a Thanksgiving sweater for your furry friend. You can visit a craft store to buy your supplies if you don’t have them already at home. If you’re unsure what pattern or design you want, you can search online for various options. For novice knitters, consider following an online tutorial.

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Your dog is a part of the family, so why not include them in the holiday season? To do so, consider giving them a dog Thanksgiving outfit. You can buy one online or in stores or DIY one yourself. Style your pet in a charming hat and tie, or turn them into a colorful turkey. Moreover, you can dress them in a Thanksgiving-themed shirt or sweater you’ve designed. Using any of the five ideas we’ve listed above will make Thanksgiving more memorable for the entire family.

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