5 Unique Ideas for Thanksgiving Costumes

5 Unique Ideas for Thanksgiving Costumes

Thanksgiving Costumes
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Finding a unique costume may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you can always try another approach. So, even if you can’t track down a costume that matches your vision, look at it as an incentive to stretch your creative muscles. After all, many popular comic book characters started as left-field ideas that creators worked hard to fully develop.

For example, you can use simple everyday items to make a unique Thanksgiving costume. Plus, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Take a look at our guide comprising some interesting starting points.

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5 Thanksgiving Costumes to Try This Holiday

Check out the following costume ideas to use at the next Thanksgiving gathering:

1. Pocahontas

You may be thinking of all the gear you have to buy to create an awesome Pocahontas costume, but it may not be necessary. Did you know you could use a simple dress and a few accessories and still look amazing?

A dress with fringes, a cloth belt, a costume necklace, and flat strappy sandals are enough to bring Pocahontas to life. You can even use a temporary marker to apply some finishing touches in the form of tribal tattoos.

Disguise womens pocahontas adult sized costumes, Multi, S 4-6 US

2. Pilgrim Man

Although this idea is far from unique, it’s your execution that counts. First, gather some data by paying attention to the types of Pilgrim Man costumes available in stores.

Then, think about the essential aspects and how you can highlight them in your iteration. For example, you can use artificial beards or make the costume look burly. You can also make yours short-sleeved with a stylish hat, thus ending up with a “modern” Pilgrim Man”.

Pilgrim Man Costume X-Large Black,White

3. Gobbler Turkey

This costume idea is another canvas you can fill with a slew of personal touches. Generally, Gobbler Turkey is a popular Thanksgiving costume that looks plain. Therefore, one can go for the opposite and shoot for a more stuffed, ready-to-be-eaten look. In that way, you will add an element of humor to a custom fit for both kids and adults. Naturally, feel free to add as much color as you’d like (at least enough to tell your children apart).

Forum Novelties mens Fleece Turkey Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Standard US UNDERWRAPS Baby's Turkey Costume, Brown, Large (2T-4T)

4. Pilgrim Woman

This is another popular idea that you can modify in many ways. While the typical costume is long, dark, and modest, no laws prohibit you from mixing the eras a bit. Hence, you can pair a white bonnet with a shorter dress with a hint of ankles. Alternatively, you can make a turtle-necked dress with pockets instead of an apron. So, it won’t take much tinkering to build on top of this base and still preserve that iconic look.

Women's Renaissance Pilgrim Maid Costume Settler Adult Lady Colonial Full Length Dress with Bonnet Apron Set (Adult-L, Dark Green)

5. Founding Father

Pulling off an authentic period-specific look will require some doing, but that shouldn’t avert you from the idea of a Founding Father costume. For one, it’s a costume with a ton of intricate details that you can tweak for an extra effect. So, it’s up to you what kind of color you will use instead of the traditional all-black attire. However, you can get especially creative when choosing the socks, shoes, and of course – the wig.

Adult Alexander Hamilton Costume Founding Father Costume Adult Revolutionary War Outfit Large


The first settlers did not consider any celebration worth their time. They thought that celebrations were frivolous, so it was not usual to see a celebration of Christmas. However, they celebrated Thanksgiving as a way to appreciate God for guidance and protection.

You can do the same and celebrate it in a way that suits your family. Using these costume ideas is a good way to express gratitude and have a lot of fun with your loved ones.

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