How to Throw a 70’s Theme Disco Party!

How to Throw a 70’s Theme Disco Party!

70's costume party
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Magical mood rings, pet rocks, and hot pants- the 1970’s in a nutshell. A simpler time when all that mattered was getting down with your friends and perfecting your funky chicken dance. Luckily, we can tap into the 1970’s spirit with a super-fly-themed disco party. It’s a great theme that doesn’t require much planning, is bright and colorful, and something everyone will look forward to. The easy-to-follow tips below will make sure your disco party is especially “Far out!”

1. Dress the Part

One of the greatest things about the 1970s was the fashion trends. It was an era that gave us bell-bottoms, groovy color palettes, and deep v-neck silk shirts. Although coming up with a costume can sometimes be a little stressful, especially when it’s from a different era, there are plenty of online resources available to get inspiration. You can go on Pinterest and take a look at retro- photographs, dress like your favorite star from that decade, or stick with the staples.

Some 70’s style staples include:

Playing around with these items will allow you to create the perfect disco costume. It’s all about expressing movement on the dance floor. If all else fails, turn to sites like Amazon or Etsy which sell disco costumes all year round.

2. Decorate Like Its Studio 54

Just like 70s fashions, interior decor style was also big and bold. This doesn’t mean that every nook in your house has to be covered in tie-dye. Instead, try adding in unique vintage pieces. Look for bright and busy floral prints or something you’d see on the Brady bunch. Most relatives’ basements and thrift stores are full of these special relics, and it’s the perfect occasion to give them another chance to shine.

Lastly, the main decor item for a disco party is none other than the disco ball. Hang it in the center of the room around windows and watch it illuminate the dance floor. Something about a disco ball sparks excitement in everyone, so don’t feel like you have to stick with just one. Other decor ideas include shiny fringe door hangers, metallic balloons, and anything with rainbow or sequins (preferably combined!).

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3. Play That Funky Music

A disco party is only as good as its music. While a disco ball can make any tune sound good, here are ten classic songs to include on your 70’s music playlist:

  1. Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gees
  2. My Sharona- The Knack
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
  4. Dancing Queen- ABBA
  5. Boogie Wonderland- Earth, Wind, & Fire
  6. Funky Town- Lipps Inc.
  7. Car Wash- Rose Royce
  8. Disco Inferno- The Trammps
  9. We are Family- Sister Sledge
  10. I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

It’s helpful to create a playlist beforehand, and even though you’re hosting a themed party, it’s encouraged to blend in some current hits as well. Music apps like Spotify can help you share the DJ roles with your guests, so you’re never stuck thinking of the next song. Allowing more time for you to “boogie down!”

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4. Hair

Even if your costume isn’t screaming 70’s disco queen, your hair certainly can be. 1970’s hair was all about volume. The bigger, the better. Some of the times leading ladies like Farah Fawcett, Judy Pace, and Cher are the ultimate inspiration to look toward. Even if you lack the natural volume, try teasing your hair or styling with a round brush comb to get the same effect.

You can also try adding in a thick colorful scarf as a headband which was popular at the time. The bottom line is all your hair needs to do is be ready to whip back and forth on the dance floor.

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5. Party Favors

Hosting a party for guests is a great gift in itself, but if you want to include a little extra enchantment, little party favors will do the trick. It’s a way to unite all your friends and family with something light and silly. Setting out multi-colored round sunglasses, zodiac stickers, temporary tattoos, or tie-dye scrunchies is something that can delight your guests without breaking the bank. Many sellers on Etsy have unique handmade pieces that are sold in bulk which are perfect for this occasion.

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6. Food & Fondue

When it comes to catering, you picked the right decade to be inspired by. 1970’s food was all about being easy-breezy, including handheld sandwiches, party trays, and dips! If you want to go all out, you can even get a fondue fountain! Whether you chose chocolate or cheese, this popular decade staple made its mark in the disco era. That’s probably because it’s insanely delicious and can be dipped with anything like fruits, vegetables, and crackers. Jello desserts were also popular and are super easy to make.

If you’re crafty, you can try to create a jello mold or simply create individual jello shots. Finally, a bright fruit punch will bring the food table together. Thrift stores often have huge glass bowls perfect for this type of occasion. You can make it alcoholic or not! Just make sure you add the sherbet for the special secret ingredient.

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7. Let’s Play a Game

Eating, drinking, and dancing is a strong itinerary for any party. However, if you’re throwing a bash that lasts all day, is child-friendly, or has a smaller crowd, it’s nice to add in activities to keep the party flowing. Luckily, the 1970s was all about coming together and having a laugh, so many nostalgic games go with this theme. If you have the equipment, karaoke always gets the party started.

Other games like charades and Pictionary don’t require much preparation and work just as well to get the crowd going. Finally, if all else fails, turn on Stayin’ Alive and have an all-out dance competition! Just try not to be embarrassed when your groovy moves are captured hilariously on camera!

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