Best of Gothic Style Fashion

Best of Gothic Style Fashion

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Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Canny Costumes

Not so long ago, gothic style fashion and jewelry such as cross necklaces and skull rings were only worn by those that labelled themselves as Goths; this style of accessory was seen as dark, wild and not the kind of thing just anyone could wear. If you did, you were making a statement about yourself, about your individuality.

However, things have changed rapidly over the last couple of seasons in the fashion world and skulls, crosses, corsets and other goth style fashion has found their way onto the runways and into stores. Ready to explore this trend, read on for our ideas on how to incorporate goth fashion style into your look.

Start with Gothic Rings and Jewelry

Rings are one of the easiest ways to change up a look; the same dress, for instance, can look completely different depending on what rings, necklace, earrings or bracelets adorn it. Gothic jewelry is particularly great for transforming a plain looking outfit into something which will turn heads. Those that adore their little black dress, but are running out of ways to style it, should consider using a bold skull ring, or a long cross necklace.

Acedre Black Leather Choker Necklace PU Necklace Soft Goth Collar Adjustable Necklace Chains Dainty Accessory for Women and Girls (Skull)

Skull rings now come with jeweled eyes in every kind of color imaginable, so they’re perfect for adding a pop of color to an all black outfit. Likewise, a long silver cross necklace will instantly add interest to a plain dress.

Elfasio Skull Rings for Men Stainless Steel Gothic Vampire Bloody Red Enamel Coffin Bike Jewelry Size 11

Where to Buy Goth Fashion

If you love the gothic style of clothes then our favorite store is Kistania! This shop has everything goth you could ever want from personalized clothing to accessories, with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.

want from you’ll have no problem styling this kind of chunky, statement jewelry; paired with some darker, beautifully textured fabrics such as lace and velvet, these pieces of jewelry are right at home. However, there’s plenty of fashionistas out there who love the look of this chunky jewelry, but don’t want to sacrifice their ultra feminine style for it. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules in the fashion world and mixing supposedly clashing styles can work brilliantly.

Must Have: A Statement Goth Necklace

Nothing sets off an amazing black and lace goth dress like a statement cross necklace. This is the ideal way to add some character to a girly, soft outfit and can mean the difference between blending in and standing out from the crowd. This jewelry can help to add that androgynous look to an outfit, that is constantly seen on the catwalks.

Womens Gothic Dress Lace Neck Flutter Sleeve Swing A-line Midi Dresses Black XL

If you want to incorporate this jewelry into your personal style, but are intimidated by its loud, daring appearance, then it’s best to begin with wearing just one piece at a time. After you become more comfortable wearing these eye-catching pieces, you can start to experiment with mixing and matching a variety of items, like cross earrings and a skull ring. The beauty of this style of jewelry is that you can make it as subtle or as daring as you wish; make a statement or keep it understated; the choice is yours.

ETERNITY J. Elegant Vintage Princess Black Lace Gothic Statement Necklace Bracelet Victorian Lolita Choker Pendant Vampire Chain

Whatever clothing you decide to wear with your gothic jewelry pieces, make sure to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try out a new look. Accessorizing with this kind of unusual jewelry is sure to spice up the dullest of outfits!

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