Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies & Toddlers

Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies & Toddlers

toddler halloween costume ideas
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Even though most babies can’t really appreciate Halloween, they certainly look adorable in their little outfits! In this article, find ten cute Halloween costume ideas for baby and toddler boys and girls.

Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

Many parents with babies anxiously await the first or second Halloween with their little ones just so they can dress up the tiny boy or girl in an achingly adorable outfit.

Perhaps the cutest outfits can be found for toddlers. This is because toddlers don’t need to be bundled up as much to keep warm as babies do, and parents can take advantage of whimsical flowing outfits, especially for little girls. Toddlers may also be able to wear masks and face makeup.

On the other hand, non-walkers are a bit easier to dress than cruisers. There is no need to figure out if the trick-or-treating outfit will trip the child as he or she walks; the parent in charge of the little trick-or-treater will do all the heavy lifting.

Cute Infant Costume Ideas – Bunny Rabbit, Glow Worm, Pumpkin Newborn Baby Outfits

Pumpkin Halloween Outfit

Below are five adorable infant costume ideas appropriate for babies who can’t walk yet. Parents may wish to consider finding a bunting style outfit, so the baby stays warm on a potentially cool and windy night.

Bunny Rabbit Infant Halloween Costume

  1. Bunny Rabbit Infant Halloween Costume
  2. Glow Worm Baby Outfit
  3. Ladybug Newborn Infant Costume
  4. Pumpkin Halloween Outfit
  5. Puppy Dog Baby Halloween Costume

Puppy Dog Baby Halloween Costume

Popular Costumes for Older Babies, Toddler Boys & Girls – Angel, Witch, Mickey Mouse

Here are five adorable infant costume ideas appropriate for older babies and toddlers who can walk and perhaps have the ability to wear a mask or face makeup:

Angel Toddler Halloween Costume

  1. Angel Toddler Halloween Costume
  2. Kitty Cat Toddler Attire
  3. Little Red Riding Hood or Peter Pan Trick-or-Treating Outfit
  4. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Costume
  5. Witch Trick or Treat Costume

Mickey Mouse toddler costume

Enhance Precious Toddler Halloween Costumes with Face Paint

To complete these five popular toddler Halloween costumes, consider using face paint. For instance, use black makeup to draw a nose and whiskers on the little kitty cat. A toddler witch may look especially precious with bright red cheeks, and Mickey Mouse may not be complete without black whiskers.

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