Fishnet Shirts for Men

Fishnet Shirts for Men

Fishnet Shirts for Men
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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Canny Costumes

The iconic 90s trend is back with a bang, thanks to all the fashion shows in ‘22, highlighting fishnet garments. As a result, the usually classy look of men’s fashion gave space to upbeat and over-the-top new arrivals.

Hence, fishnet shirts for men are proof that fashion is evolving every year. Nowadays, pulling off the rebellious look is easier than ever, allowing men to make a statement via their outfits. However, one has to know how to use these types of clothing in good taste – otherwise, the point might get lost in translation.

In the following sections, we’ll examine today’s fishnet shirts for men and how they can complement your daily setup.

Fishnet Fabric

A piece of see-through mesh fabric comprises fishnet garments. It is a net-like cloth that shows skin underneath. Fishnet fabric became popular in the 1900s when showgirls started wearing mesh outfits during performances.

Naturally, people always associate fishnet fabrics with sexy outfits for all genders. They’re revealing and stylish at the same time, allowing designers to find the right way to use them. As a result, modern fashion often flirts with fishnet fabrics, finding new ways to provoke conformists worldwide.

Small Fishnet Mesh by Elotex International Fabric (Black)

Benefits of Fishnet Shirts

Fishnet shirts represent the hip culture of the modern era. As evident by the latest gala events, more and more male pop stars opt to wear fishnet shirts while crossing the red carpet. Yet, their actions are not just examples that imitators can follow – they’re also proof of what’s trending.

Aside from opening bold new ways to show one’s build, fishnet shirts are prime weapons for tearing down fashion’s barriers. Currently, there’s no shortage of designers working with these fabrics to create something new and relevant.

COOFANDY Mens Long Sleeves Muscle See Through Sexy Mesh Transparent Shirt with Hoodie (X-Large, Black)

Why Are Fishnet Shirts Iconic?

Although we rarely saw fishnet shirts for men on TV in the past, those examples slowly came into focus as the public’s view changed. As a result, male fishnet garments escaped being branded as taboo. Plus, they have a quality of enriching many high-fashion setups, most notably those exploring themes of youth and sexuality.

However, fishnet shirts remain extremely easy to combine with regular clothing like jeans and white pants. Therefore, you’ll often find them on both ends of the spectrum.

These shirts gracefully show the wearer’s body, especially if worn under a jacket or blazer. As such, they can add just the right amount of ‘zing’ to your look. At the same time, they are comfy to wear and never seem too tacky.

COOFANDY Mens Sexy Lace up See Through Long Sleeve T Shirt Mesh Undershirts,Red,Large

Drawbacks of Fishnet Shirts for Men

On the flip side, fishnet shirts can sometimes turn out to be overly flashy and vulgar. Considering the fact that fishnet is a see-through garment, one should not wear it on most occasions.

On the same note, it’s safe to say that fishnet shirts will never present a ‘respectable’ clothing choice by the majority of the male population.

Nikiikoo Men's See Through Fishnet Mesh Short Sleeve T-Shirts Gym Training Workout Tank Tops Clubwear Purple Medium


Iconic and trend changer for some but vulgar and flashy for others, fishnet shirts are all about an individual’s personal sense of style. Even though it can be a good choice for a night out or a party, wearing fishnet shirts remains a niche that most will shy away from.

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