Best Fred Flintstone Costumes for 2024

Best Fred Flintstone Costumes for 2024

Flintstones Costumes
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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Canny Costumes

Fred Flintstone is an iconic cartoon character who has been entertaining audiences for generations. While Fred is usually seen in his signature orange suit and blue neck tie, he occasionally likes to dress up for special occasions. You can also get partner to dress up as Wilma Flintstone for a cute couples costumes.

For Kids | For Men | Plus Size | Wilma Flintstone Costume

How Does Fred Flintstone Dress Up?

To create this costume, all you need is an orange t-shirt that’s a few sizes too big, and a black wig. You can also add some accessories, such as a blue necktie. Add black spots to the shirt with water paint for Fred’s signature look.

Men's Jagged Hemline Funny Party Costume Fred Flintstone Classic Halloween Flintstones Outfit Orange L

How to Make Fred Flintstone’s Necktie?

First, you’ll need a piece of fabric that is long enough to tie around your neck and hangs down to your waist. Cut the fabric into a strip that is about four inches wide. Then, fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew the sides together, leaving a small opening at one end. Finally, trim any excess fabric. Your Fred Flintstone necktie is now ready to wear!

Rubie's The Flintstones Fred Costume, Orange/Black, X-Large

Does Fred Flintstone Use a Club?

To stay true to Fred’s character, many Fred Flintstone Halloween costumes include a club. This accessory not only makes the costume more authentic but also allows trick-or-treaters to channel their inner Fred Flintstone as they go door-to-door collecting candy.

Smiffys Caveman's Club

Fred Flintstone Costumes for Kids

Rubie's Fred Flintstone Child's Costume, Large

Fred Flintstone Costumes for Men

Jerry Leigh Flint stones Adult Fred Flintstone Costume

Fred Flintstone Costumes for Plus Size

Jerry Leigh Plus Size Adult Fred Flintstone Costume 2X

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