Gay Couple Halloween Costumes

Gay Couple Halloween Costumes

Gay Couple Halloween Costumes
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Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Canny Costumes

Halloween is undoubtedly the perfect holiday for all couples to express themselves without any worry in the world. Gay and pride couples also look forward to Halloween to take a break from their daily routine. With the help of matching costumes, lots of makeup, and a few shots of tequila, gay couples can celebrate this holiday and show off their love in one fell swoop.

However, picking a matching outfit with your boo, especially on Halloween, can be troublesome. Thus, here we are with a list of suggestions you can consider.

Gay Couple Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Ghostbusters

Everyone can dress as ghosts and witches for Halloween. So, what about dressing as ghostbusters and adding more fun to the night. Moreover, dressing up as ghostbusters make group photos cool as there is always a ghost or witch nearby. You might even catch a ghost or witch during the night.

Rubie's womens Ghostbusters Movie Deluxe Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Large US Ghostbusters Costume Women's Jumpsuit - L

2. Vikings

You might have heard the phrase wild as Vikings.

There is no better occasion to let your inner Viking come out and frolic. Let your inner wildness free and enjoy a night out with your partner. Plus, Viking costumes tend to be really comfortable, which is something we can’t say for other disguises. You can have as much fun as possible and dance freestyle with your tunic and cloak.

Adult Vikings Character Costume Men's Ragnar Lothbrok Costume Large Brown Mens Medieval Cape Costume Accessory Viking Warrior Brown Thrones Robe

3. Baseball Players

If you and your boo are baseball fans, you should stop your gay couple Halloween costumes ideas hunt. One of the best and easiest costume ideas for gay couples on Halloween is to dress up as baseball players of your favorite team.

If you and your boo support different teams, you can go with separate shirts. For further fun, you can compete in various fun games.

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4. Mummies

You can not bring back the dead, but you can celebrate life dressed as mummies. Be thankful that you are alive and spend the night dancing like mummies.

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Adult Mens Mummy Jumpsuit Halloween Costume (Medium (38-40)) Mummy Costume for Adults Men's Mummy Wrap Outfit Medium White

5. Disney Royalty

Be creative and partner up with your boo, depending on your favorite Disney prince or princess. For example, you can dress up as a prince from Cinderella or Snow White or even as the princesses themselves.

California Costumes Men's Storybook Beast Costume, multi, Small Adult Belle Blue Costume Dress Large

6. Breakfast Toasts

You can always take inspiration from your breakfast. How about you and your boo dress up as your favorite breakfast bread topping. You can choose peanut butter, jam, avocado, egg, etc. The options are unlimited.

Avocado & Toast Costume for Adults Standard

7. Aladdin and the Magic Carpet

Disney is not all about princes and princesses. However, a gay couple can also get pairing ideas from movies. For instance, you can see the strong bond between Aladdin and his flying carpet.

So, how about you dress up like a carpet and ask your partner to join in as Aladdin?

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8. Bananas

Dressing up as bananas never gets old. You can pair it up with your partner or ask your friend’s group to join in. It will be much fun to walk around the room as bananas holding hands.

Rasta Imposta Ultimate Banana Bunch - 6 Pack Group Costume Yellow

9. Fred and Shaggy

You can partner up with your boyfriend and dress as Fred and Shaggy in a place filled with ghosts, witches, and ghostbusters. Cry and run around the party whenever you see a horror figure and take fun photos.

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People welcome and celebrate Halloween with an open heart. So ensure you and your partner have fun choosing the matching outfit. You can take help from our suggestions or be creative with these base ideas.

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