Best Glinda the Good Witch Costumes for 2024

Best Glinda the Good Witch Costumes for 2024

Glinda the Good Witch Costume
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Glinda the Good Witch is one of the most iconic characters from The Wizard of Oz. If you’re looking for a classic witch costume this Halloween, Glinda is a perfect choice. And maybe you can find the wicked witches for an enchanting group in costumes. With these simple tips, you’ll be ready to transform into Glinda the Good Witch in no time!

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How to Dress Up as Glinda the Good Witch?

To get the look, start with a gown and add some sparkle with sequins or glitter. Glinda’s trademark pink ball gown is also an option. For the finishing touches, Glinda wears a tall pointy crown and carries a magic wand. Finish the costume off with a pair of wings to really bring the character to life.

What Kind of Gown Does Glinda Use?

Glinda is shown wearing a floor-length pink gown with a billowing skirt. For a more modern take on the Glinda costume, some girls choose to wear a short pink dress or skirt with a glittery top. Just be sure to add a tulle skirt for extra volume.

How Do You Make Glinda’s Crown?

You’ll need a few supplies: glue, scissors, silver cardstock, and items to decorate the crown (sequins, glitter, etc.). First, cut a strip of cardstock that will fit around your head. Next, use glue to attach sequins or other decorations to the crown. Finally, allow the glue to dry completely before wearing your Glinda crown!

How Do You Make Glinda’s Wand?

You could use a dowel rod or a thin piece of wood, wrapped in silver ribbon. One end of which, attached a star or other Glitzy embellishment. Finish off the wand by coating the adorned end with glitter.

How Do You Make a Pair of Wings?

All you need is a wire hanger, some tulle, and some ribbon. First, straighten out the wire hanger and bend it into the shape of a pair of wings. Next, cut strips of tulle and tie them onto the wire frame. Be sure to leave enough tulle at the top so that you can tie the wings onto your Glinda costume. Finally, use ribbon to add a bit of detail and flair. Your Glinda wings are now ready to take flight!

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