Hocus Pocus Halloween Costumes

Hocus Pocus Halloween Costumes

Hocus Pocus Halloween Costumes
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Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by Canny Costumes

When it’s Halloween, it’s hard not to mention Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes. Even though the idea of these witchy Halloween costumes originated in a movie, they’ve since become part of the mainstream American holiday. And most of us have fallen head over heels in love with them.

First, you will need to form a ‘coven’ of three to create an impactful Hocus Pocus Halloween atmosphere. Each of you will dress in the costumes of one of the Sanderson sisters. While this is necessary, it’s not compulsory. As such, if you are alone, don’t be daunted. Nothing stops you from going solo on a choice Hocus Pocus Halloween costume.

Here are our top ideas for Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes:

Winifred’s Halloween Costume

Getting into Wini’s character is a big costume idea. Not just because that’s the leading character, but also because the costume is somehow the most complicated. Winifred is the most glamorous of the three sisters, so her dress is the most colorful.

The dress has three colors in all. Most of it is a combination of dark and light green. In the front, running through its full length is a purple strip of material. This purple patch goes under a lacework in the bodice. It’s better to be long-sleeved with wide cuffs.

Disguise Women's Disney Hocus Pocus Winifred Classic Adult Costume, Green, Large (12-14)

Sarah’s Halloween Costume

Sarah’s costume is another fascinating masterpiece. For Sarah’s original Hocus Pocus Halloween costume, you need a predominantly purple sleeveless dress (light purple blouse on a dark purple) with a red panel running the skirt in the front.

The underskirt can be gold or yellow and should peek beneath the skirt for good effect. When it comes to material, you can use anything you find comfortable. However, a combination of taffeta, satin, and lace is your best bet for authentic effects.

Disney Sarah Sanderson Costume Accessory Set for Adults – Hocus Pocus

Mary’s Halloween Costume

You can get on the character of this ‘sinister’ sniffer by donning her Hocus Pocus Costume. A lot of colors and patterns come into play here. The original costume is a dress with multi-layers. At first sight, it appears like 4-pieces. You can observe a blouse, corset, and skirt with an apron-like piece covering the front. However, all these parts connect to make Mary’s costume.

Disguise Women's Disney Hocus Pocus Mary Classic Adult Costume, Red & Orange, Small (4-6)

Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Accessories

The accessories you choose to go with these costumes play a big role in the outcome. Therefore, you need to consider accessories seriously.

For Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes, wigs are crucial. Each of the Sanderson sisters has a unique hairstyle and hair color. In addition, you can also include a pair of striped witch socks and shoes. The shoes may be slip-on or lace-up; that does not matter much. What counts is the design. If you want to go the extra mile, you will need tooth caps, a witch broomstick, and a necklace.

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Wig for Adults - Deluxe | OFFICIALLY LICENSED JOYIN 54.5'' Witch Broom with Ribbons for Kids Halloween Wicked Witches Broomstick, Costume Parties, Photo Booth Accessory, Halloween Decorations


Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes are better for a set of three friends, adults, or teenagers. Yet, it’s not unachievable if you are alone. What’s most important is how well you match your chosen character.

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