Jojo Siwa Pride Party

Jojo Siwa Pride Party

pride party
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We all know Jojo Siwa and the pride party she threw to celebrate Pride Month. However, undesirable events occurred, and no one was ready for this. If you don’t know what Jojo’s Pride Party is, here are some details.

The Pride Party

Jojo Siwa, a famous Youtuber and dancer, threw a rainbow-colored pride party to support LGBTQ+. The place was full of other social media influencers. One of them was her girlfriend, Tana Mongeau. In essence, this was an event to celebrate people with sexual diversity.

Many followers of Jojo Siwa and other Youtubers were happy to celebrate the event. What’s more, multiple influencers on Instagram displayed how excited they were to show their support by attending this party.

The theme of the party was rainbow. Everyone was to wear vibrant rainbow colors to show their unity with the queer community. However, Jojo did not limit the theme to clothes alone. The planners prepared the food, snacks, and beverages in rainbow colors.

The party took place around 8 pm in Jojo’s villa. Jojo’s house was dazzling with beautiful decorations, and the guests were just as lovely. However, things went awry not too long after the party started.

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What Happened At Jojo Siwa’s Pride Party?

Unfortunately, the fun at Jojo Siwa’s pride party came to a screeching halt within an hour. Around 9 pm, police were called to Jojo’s place.

Here’s the backstory. A man appeared at Jojo’s party who was already very high when he arrived. After this, the unknown person continued to take LSD. A group at the party decided to tip off the police because of his suspicious appearance and activity. Additionally, other people present noticed that his get-up was rough.

Later, the person was admitted to the hospital, and the police locked down and investigated the entire scene. The good news is that no crime took place at the site and no one was hurt.

However, followers are curious about the person’s identity and whether Jojo knew him or not. Unfortunately, Jojo’s team has yet to release a statement regarding this incident. Furthermore, there are no details about the individual’s health, and no one has heard about him since he got hospitalized. Followers of Jojo tried to contact Jojo and her girlfriend regarding this incident. However, Jojo did not address the event or any incident regarding it.

However, a bright side to this matter is that despite the person’s intoxication, he did not cause any destruction at Jojo’s place. Consequently, everyone went back safe and sound. Still, the significant incident on the big night shocked many people.

Notwithstanding, everyone who attended and even those that did not attend the party had much to say about it. Siwa said in one of her interviews that “I am madly in love,” which shows her love for her girlfriend and her support for the LGBTQ+ community. However, many agree that the best part of the event was the adorable rainbow-colored dog roaming around.

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