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Make Your Halloween Costume Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Costume Stand Out

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t aware of the reason for people dressing up for the Halloween. But this is arguably the best part of the celebration. What used to be once a one-evening holiday for the kids, transformed to a multi-day festival...

10 Halloween Dessert Ideas

9 Halloween Dessert Ideas

Need some inspirations on what dessert to serve at your Halloween party? Here are ten easy Halloween dessert ideas! 1. Halloween Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe – Canny Costumes This easy recipe for frosted sugar cookies is delicious to make, eat...

Homemade Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes expensive! And if you waited too late in the season, you may not have many costume choices left. Therefore homemade costumes are more fun and oftentimes more much cheaper! Plus, if you involve your kids in creating the homemade...

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