5 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Company Party

5 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Company Party

5 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Company Party
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People today are indeed getting harder to please and entertain. When it comes to planning office parties and corporate events, the party planner has the challenging task of making sure that the guests have fun. Instead of the usual catered food and boring entertainment, why not change it up by choosing unique attractions for the event?

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There are many excellent ideas that you may not have considered before. This article lists some of the most exciting entertainment options you can consider for your next company party.

1. Fairground Hire

Funfair rides for hire may not be an entirely new concept, but there is much to explore in this category. There are new rides and funfair stalls available every year, and some provide the perfect amount of entertainment for an office party. Nothing is dull or stiff about fairground rides. You will encourage every guest to mingle, let loose, and re-discover their inner child.

If you prefer something less boisterous, pick rides that do not take up much space. You can also hire booths with games that test a person’s endurance and patience. Since there is always a kid in all of us, fairground rides and attractions will never go out of style.

2. VR Booth

Virtual reality is all the rage these days. There are VR booths for hire which you can use to entertain guests at a party. Have several booths available so that guests can choose the experience they want. For example, there are VR games featuring sports, while there are some that allow you to experience nature.

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3. Team-Building Games

A little bit of competition can bring together employees and test their camaraderie. If the event is outdoors, you can have a climbing wall or laser pigeon shooting set-up. Mobile go-karting is also good fun. You can also arrange for group games and encourage everyone to participate.

4. Circus Performers

Another excellent option for entertainment is circus performers. You can have jugglers, fire dancers, and acrobats with word-class talent cap the event with their astounding performances. Now, this option can be pricey, depending on the popularity of the performer. But if you look hard enough, you might be able to book local artists at a fraction of the cost.

5. Arcade and Videogames

Arcade machines were all the rage back in the 80s. And since these arcade games are making a massive comeback, you can rent them as party entertainment too! Mix retro and modern games by renting WII machines, Nintendo games, football simulators, and golf simulators. These games are always a hit, and there is always something for everyone. The guests will be entertained for hours without worrying about forced small-talk and awkward conversations with colleagues.

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These recommendations are only a few of the fun and exciting party entertainment options you can use for your next corporate party. Take time to search for other ideas and let your creativity guide you in planning an awesome party that every guest will be talking about well after the event ends.

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