In the Zeitgeist: Celebrity Scammer Fashion Forward Halloween Costumes

In the Zeitgeist: Celebrity Scammer Fashion Forward Halloween Costumes

the tindler swindler halloween costume
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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Canny Costumes

This seems to be the year of the headlines grabbing scammers coming turning into TV characters and then of course awesome halloween costumes! These costumes have so much room for humor, fashion and best of all are easy to put together! Here are our picks for a scare-scam fest Halloween party! 

We look to the expert costume designers of the Hulu and Netflix series for help with how to put together a great costume!

1. Anna Delvey / Sorokin Halloween Costume


You’ve probably heard of the latest socialite to grace the pages of the New York Times. But did you know that this time, the story is a little different?

Ana Delvey is no ordinary heiress – she’s a con artist who managed to scam her way into the high society scene. If you’re wondering what could drive someone to commit such an audacious crime, watch the Netflix series for more about Ana’s fascinating (and unbelievable) story.


How to Put It Together:

The Scammer years: Big sunglasses, luxury brand dresses, heels, blonde or red wing, iPhone with ADF case

sunglass hut
The courthouse days: black dresses, baby girl dresses, white dress

The prison years: prison jumpsuit, brown wig

Gucci GG0418S Black/Crystal/Grey Gradient One Size

Bonus point Accessories:

  • Fake German/Russian accent
  • Passport with fake names
  • Wire transfer paperwork

PRETTYGARDEN Women's 2021 Casual Long Sleeve Party Bodycon Sheath Belted Dress with Pockets Black

2. Elizabeth Holmes Halloween Costume


Who is Elizabeth Holmes? She’s the founder and CEO of Theranos, a biotech company that promises to revolutionize the blood testing industry. But some say she’s a fraudster who has duped investors out of billions of dollars. So which is she? A visionary or a con artist? For this purpose we say Con Artist, which makes for a funny halloween costume!

Copy her copied look from the new Hulu series “The Drop Out” 


How to Put It Together:

Blonde Wig, badly applied ringed eyeliner, black turtleneck, black pants 

Evagnee Womens Long Sleeve Turtleneck Lightweight Slim Active Shirt (Black, Medium)

Bonus Points:

Any blood testing related accessories – syringe 

Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Complete Kit) - Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab

3. Simon aka “The Tindler Swindler” Halloween Costume


Netflix documentary watchers, rejoice! We have the latest addition to true crime streaming. Called “Simon the Tinder Swindler,” this film tells the sordid tale of a man who scammed women out of money by pretending to be something he wasn’t on dating apps. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, because is full of fun, luxury and silly costume ideas! 

How to Put It Together:

Luxury suits, sunglasses, jewelry and bling

Bonus Points:

Fake Israeli accent

Diamond rings, cell phone 

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