Funny Men’s Underwear Ideas

Funny Men’s Underwear Ideas

funny Men's Underwear Ideas
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The clothes you wear convey a lot of meaning and can help others know your personality. In addition, clothing also tells a lot about your mood. For example, many people wear their favorite dresses when they’re happy. Similarly, they may wear a simple outfit when in a bad mood.

Underwear are not left out in this trend as they can portray one’s feelings. Trying out funny-looking underwear ideas is excellent when you’re in a good mood.

Let’s dive into some excellent ideas for making fun with underwear.

Top Funny Men’s Underwear Ideas

1. The Man and The Legend

This funny concept has a plain underwear with two phrases on its frontside – “the man” and “the legend.” What makes it remarkable is that the first inscription has an arrow pointing upwards towards you. Also, the second inscription has an arrow pointing towards the crotch area.

The meaning is simple. You’re the man, whereas your manhood is the legend.

You can turn any of your current underwear into this design – provided it is plain colored, so the words stand out against the background.

The Man The Legend Boxer Briefs

2. Warning! Choking Hazard

This underwear has a warning sign and the inscription “Choking Hazard” on the crotch area. The joke here is also simple.

Use plain colored underwear if you want to create one of these underwear. Black is a choice color as it helps your text stand boldly against the background. Don’t forget the yellow paint for the warning sign.

In addition, you can also order one of these underwear online and get it in no time.

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3. Cum Gun

This funny man’s underwear has the inscription “Cum Gun” on the pubic or crotch area. This inscription stirs a lot of funny reactions. Like the others, the words are on a plain background to be more visible.

You can find it online or make a DIY version. Remember to use a color like green or red for extra attractiveness.

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4. Genie Underwear

Do you remember the genie legend featured in tales like that of Aladdin? A quick recap: The genie is a supernatural being that stays in a special kettle. In addition, rubbing the sides of the kettle summons it, so you can wish for whatever you want.

This fairy tale has also found its way into the funny men’s underwear niche. Plain-colored underwear with the inscription “Keep rubbing, you just might get your wish” is not just romantic but also hilarious.

On the pubic area is a bright yellow genie pot (or kettle), making the concept even funnier.

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5. Carrot Tip

This funny men’s underwear comes with something very different from others. The knitted wool makes it super comfy, and the fun doesn’t stop there. It also has a carrot-like shape knitted from wool sticking out from the pubic area.

This underwear is one of the funniest on this list, and its unique design makes it one you’d want to try. There are also other variants – with one where a snake replaces the carrot.

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Wrapping Up

These funny men’s underwear create many wholesome reactions that can spice up your love life with your partner. They also look romantic and enticing, which is a plus to your relationship.

You can order these funny-looking underwear online or create a DIY version. In addition, you can also create more versions with your favorite jokes or phrases.

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