How to Have a Hollywood Stag Party

How to Have a Hollywood Stag Party

Hollywood Stag
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What’s known as the stag party is a kind of rite of passage for men who are about to get married. The essential idea behind it is for a man to celebrate his last night of being single, since presumably on getting married he will have to become more sober and responsible.

One idea for a way to celebrate a stag party is to give it a Hollywood theme. A classy party that celebrates movie stars and their general style is a great way to play up the glamour and interest of singleness and generally have a good time. The following are some tips on throwing a Hollywood stag party:


The invitations to the party should include the Hollywood theme in some way. Whether these are email invites or electronic cards or physical invitations, the guy throwing the party should try to get them so that they reflect the theme. They might sport logos or art like footlights, have pictures or movie poster art, or anything else along these lines. You can look around a card shop or online for these designs, or design them on your own using a graphics program.


Normally a keg of beer might be considered suitable for a stag party with regards to beverages. But in this case you might want to take a step up in terms of class. So think more of drinks like champagne, wines, sparkling cider, and so on. You can also get meats and cheeses for classic sorts of hors d’oeuvre platters. The average bachelor may not be so great on making hors d’oevres, so you may want to leave this to a (possibly female) friend who’s a good cook.

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Swag Bags

Often Hollywood type parties feature what are called swag bags – bags of gifts or goodies that people can take home. Though this may seem a bit on the “cute” side for a stag party, you can include guy things in these bags like after shave, lighters, ties, and so on. Alternatively the guests can simply give gifts like this to the “stag” himself.

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Dress Like Celebrities

Try having all the guys that come to the stag party dress up like Hollywood characters of their choice. These can either be contemporary characters from recent films or classic ones from bygone eras. In fact it might be fun to have a number of eras represented at the stag party, creating a surreal or anachronistic feel. How elaborate these costumes get is up to the party goers. You can simply dress in the clothes a particular character might wear or incorporate added props like hats, fake moustaches, and glasses.

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Go to Hollywood Themed Bars

If you look around in cities and towns or cities near you, you can most likely find some Hollywood themed bars. They may be designed around a particular movie or TV show or simply with an overall Hollywood theme. You can continue the Hollywood stag party theme by going to one of these Hollywood themed bars. If you can find ones that match or compliment some of the characters at the party, so much the better.

Break out the Camera

Hollywood parties always have plenty of photographers snapping pictures, whether they are Paparazzi or more legitimate reporters. You can recreate this sort of feeling by getting out your own camera and snapping pictures of the guys as they arrive. You can even upload them to the computer during a party and print them out for some great laughs. This is sure to be a lot of fun as the guests gradually shift from sobriety to inebriation.

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Red Carpet

A red carpet is another classic feature of many Hollywood parties. You can buy or rent a red carpet of your own, even if it’s only a small one, and have the guys that show up to the party walk up it. If you take some snapshots while they do so, you’ll really nail the Hollywood theme in place right from the outset.

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