Best Magician Costumes for 2022
Magician Costume
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Magician costumes are a timeless and iconic choice for Halloween. Take some time to get those details just right, from the color of your clothing all the way down to what you’re carrying in one hand—a wand if possible! Here’s our take on the best tips for putting together a great magician costume for Halloween.

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How Do You Dress Like a Magician?

Start with a black top hat – the higher the better. Add a long, flowing black cape. And don’t forget the Magician’s wand! For the finishing touch, consider adding some white gloves.

What Items Do Magicians Use?

Some of the most common items used by magicians are Magic Wands, Magic Rings, Magic Coins, and Magic Hats. Not all are needed but the more you have, the better.

What Do Magicians Usually Wear?

Many magicians wear black clothing and a cape to make themselves look mysterious. A tuxedo is a typical suit used by magicians but something simpler like a dark button-up shirt and jeans would still look great with the cape.

Magician Costumes for Men

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