Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Try This Year

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Try This Year

Plus-Size Halloween Costume
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Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Canny Costumes

The month of October is near, and now seems to be the best time to start thinking about how to dress for Halloween. This way, you’ll have time to try on great costumes so that your look is as spectacular as possible. It’s also the perfect moment to reflect on the year’s most eerie or seductive costumes. Creating a lookbook will inspire you to try new Halloween costume ideas this year.

To keep up with the latest fashion trends, you should know that socially distant and DIY costumes are becoming increasingly fashionable. So, you can be as creative as possible and choose costumes that meet your budget and make you feel good. Let’s look at some of the best Halloween costumes you can try.

Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume

Disguise Adult 101 Dalmatians Disney Cruella De Vil Costume, Black/White, Large (12-14)

If you want to look Like The 101 Dalmatian villain, you can go for this strange and bad-tempered fashion icon that will give you prominence among the other Halloween costume lovers. As Halloween movie lovers most commonly adopt Cruella’s style, you will undoubtedly look stunning. You can also wear dark-red gloves that give you a more mysterious and enticing look.

Wearing the costume full of fur in the upper portion is also attractive to pets. So, your puppies or kitties will likely love to see you resembling them this much.

Embrace Two-Face Looks

Split Personality Villain Costume - L

We’ve all seen the Halloween costumes in which the villain wears a two-faced mask. If you want to try multiple looks at once and one costume can’t accommodate them all, you might consider that the concept of two is better than one. It’s particularly exciting for Halloween since channeling the Batman villainous two-face look will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment and double your pleasure.

It will also demonstrate that you are a creative individual. However, you’ll need to invest in some extremely fascinating, professional, and authentic Halloween villain makeup to keep up with the trend. For example, you can have a Batman appearance on one side, and on the other, you should have smoky eyes and a more secretive character – like the joker.

You can also maintain one or two elements in common between the two faces. Consider wearing a belt covering both sides of your body with distinct faces. Double-face clothing and makeup are all about how you display yourself artistically.

Wear A Bodysuit

Nothing is trendier and more exciting than a bodysuit, which is a perfect outfit if you’re seeking plus-size Halloween costume ideas. On the one hand, it will keep you looking dashing, while on the other hand, it will be the vocalist’s signature. Wearing a bodysuit with combat boots and a little handbag will give you a pretty enticing look.

Since Halloween is a festive occasion, you should select a bright, vibrant, and dazzling bodysuit. You will be able to give it an instantaneous and immediate attractiveness this way. For example, layering the pink top over the black skirt and belt can give you a stunning retro-style beauty.

Be A Unicorn

Leg Avenue Women's dress, Multi, 1X / 2X

Do you want to dress up like a black unicorn yearning for lost love in a realm of the past? Consider donning a unicorn costume for Halloween. So, if you’re a plus-size woman looking for a sophisticated yet edgy style, you should try becoming a unicorn. It’s a form of plus-size Halloween costume in which you follow the colorful mystery skirt design that can be adopted quickly and easily. Purple or pale pink are popular color choices.

This sort of skirt can be found almost anyplace. However, the most inventive aspect of this outfit is the horn you’ll have to make. If you enjoy DIY projects, twist the sheet of paper to create a horn shape. After that, use glue or another adhesive material to adhere to the headband. No one will be able to question your ingenuity, and therefore, you’ll feel confident. It is a particularly good choice for those who desire fluffiness and a nostalgic feel while preserving a sense of mystery.

Pair Up a Straw Hat, Jeans for a Scarecrow Look

Sweet Scarecrow Adult Poncho Standard

If you do not want to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on your Halloween costume, you can consider trying on jeans or a pair of overalls along with the straw hat. However, the most important thing in this regard is wearing scarecrow makeup. Remember that when you complete your scarecrow makeup and wear the hat, your 90% look is already complete. This way, you can save a lot of money and look great without spending much on a plus-size Halloween costume.

To complete your look, all you need is a black eyeliner that you will use to draw a stitched-on-smile line from the sides of your lips to the center of your cheeks, which will eventually reach your earlobes. It is also very important to use dark orange blush on your cheeks and wear a straw hat.

Love The White? Go For Pennywise Style

amscan Pennywise Halloween Costume for Women, IT, Plus (18-20), with Collar

Not everyone wants the retro-style Halloween look. If you also want to look scary and spooky, you can try on a ghostly white dress; however, you must put some effort into the makeup department. You will probably not have to purchase anything if you are already a lover of white dresses and have a simple white dress with puff sleeves.

Red balloons, a white dress, a creepy smile, and pom poms are the things that you need. You will have to use pom-poms as buttons on the front that will take your stylishness to the next level. Moreover, you can use this look to dress up as a clown or even as a ghost-bride out for revenge. You can also skip the haunting look and redo your makeup to look like a 16th-century lady.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read about plus-size Halloween costume ideas, you can easily create a plus-size dress for Halloween without any hassle. It’s all about being creative and using your DIY skills in the best possible way.

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