Purim Costumes for the Entire Family: From the Funny to the Traditional

Purim Costumes for the Entire Family: From the Funny to the Traditional

traditional purim costumes

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Hey pals! It’s nearly time for Purim.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s Purim?

The Story of Purim

Let me see if I can explain a bit… Purim is a Jewish Holiday… Think, one part Halloween, one part get drunk and eat Hamentaschen (triangular cookies with yummy filling), and one part Jerry Springer style story telling.

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The Villain: Haman

The basic story of the holiday is that there was this jerk named Hamen (booooo), and he was a big mucky-muck in the Persian government way back in the day. He decided that he was fed up with all the Jews and that he was going to get them all killed (not an uncommon theme throughout the years, but I digress).

So Hamen (booooo are you starting to see a pattern here?), for better or worse had the king’s ear… he’s like the consiglieri in the Godfather… think of him as Tom Hagen, but a jerk… and don’t make him look like Robert Duvall in your brain… imagine him more like Nicolas Cage, but I digress.

Esther and Mordecai to the Rescue

So, the king is unhappy with his wife and kicks her to the curb and does a kingdom wide search for a new bride. He ends up falling for Esther, but she doesn’t let on that she’s Jewish. The King and Esther hit it off famously, and all is seemingly well.

Esther’s uncle Mordecai hears Haman (boooo, yes, booooo) saying he was going to kill all the Jews. Mordecai tells Esther that she has to convince the king not to let this happen. So, she hatched a plan to throw some feasts for the king and makes sure Haman (booo) is there. During the feast, which is a straight up rager BTW, she decides it’s time to throw Haman (booo) under the chariot (look, I’d have said bus, but they hadn’t invented the internal combustion engine by that point… but I digress, yet again).

To the king, she announces that Haman (boo, I gotta be honest, I’m tired of typing boo) (but I digress…) (sorry, not sorry) is trying to kill all the Jews, and then tells him that she’s a Jew herself. #micdrop moment here back in ancient Iran folks. The king doesn’t have any problem with the Jews, and certainly loves his wife, so he’s like, “Hang that dude Haman (boo) and all his sons, the Jews will live!!!” The end.

The Celebration of Purim

So basically, that’s what we are celebrating… How we’re celebrating is a whole other story.

Believe it or not, we are supposed to dress up in costumes and get drunk… you heard me… an actual commandment to get drunk (I like this holiday, can you tell?) while we listen to the story read aloud.

This is not the typical religious service reading where everyone is pretending to follow along, this is raucous, and people are yelling out and shouting boooo every time Haman’s (boooo) (makes me think of Voldemort for some reason, but I digress) name is said aloud and shaking these noise makers called groggers…

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After the story is read, we enjoy Hamentaschen, which are triangle shaped cookies that are supposed to be Haman’s ears (ok that’s a bit gross, but it is the literal translation).

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Purim Costumes

But we’re not here about the cookies, we’re here about the costumes. So, while it is traditional to dress as a character from the Purim story, some congregations have a looser interpretation. Really, would it be that wrong to dress as Darth Vader..

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instead of Haman (dang it, I almost forgot to write BOOOO)?

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They’re kind of similar after all? Traditionalists would argue that one should really dress up like Esther or Mordecai, which could be done a lot of different ways.

Queen Esther Costume for Girls Queen Dress Outfit Medium

You could even show up as the King or Haman. At our synagogue, you would see some very loose interpretations, including some full-on Halloween costumes… basically folks were trying to have a good time and stretch the envelope a bit.

So, I think the moral of the story here is take this guide as a starting point, and go your own way… I mean this is 2023, and were three years deep in this pandemic… If you feel like dressing as the Staypuft Marshmallow man for Purim, I’m not gonna yuck your yum. Happy Purim everybody!

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Purim Costume Ideas

Purim is a joyous Jewish holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia. Families typically celebrate by dressing up in traditional costumes and exchanging gifts. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these traditional, and funny Purim costume ideas for the whole family!

Mordechai Purim Costume

This Is My Mordechai Costume Purim Jewish Festival Jew T-Shirt

Haman Purim Costume

Dare to become Haman this Purim with our luxurious costume. The robe is designed with elegant patterns in red, and features a blue drape that hangs from the shoulder. The finishing touch? Lots of gold fringe along the edges for a truly regal look.

Kid's Haman Purim Costume - M Blue

Looking for a Purim Costume That Is Fit for a Queen?

Queen Esther Purim Costume

Look no further than the Queen Ester Purim Costume! This beautiful costume comes with a white dress that has an attached blue robe. Gold fringe and trim add extra elegance, while the head veil completes the look. Whether you are dressing up as Esther, Mordechai, or another character from the Purim story, this costume is sure to turn heads!

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Funny Costumes For Purim

What could be funnier than dressing up like a treat that was inspired by an ear? The Hammantaschen costume is a perfect choice! 

Rasta Imposta Hamantaschen Cookie Purim Costume, Cherry Red, Adult One Size

We love this handmade Hamantaschen Cookie Costume for kids found on Etsy! 




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