29 Halloween Costume Ideas for Vapers: Elevate Your Spooky Style

29 Halloween Costume Ideas for Vapers: Elevate Your Spooky Style

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Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Canny Costumes

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, vapers have a unique opportunity to blend their love for vaping with their costume choices. At Canny Costumes, we understand the importance of standing out in the crowd while enjoying the festivities. In this article, we’ve curated a list of Halloween costume ideas that will not only showcase your vaping passion but also help you steal the spotlight at any Halloween party. Let’s dive right in! (Scroll to the bottom for the decor ideas).

1. The Vaping Wizard: A Magical Choice

Cast a spell of enchantment at your Halloween party with the Vaping Wizard costume. This mystical outfit combines the wizardry of Harry Potter with the allure of vaping. Don a wizard’s robe, hat, and a wand that doubles as a vape pen. You’ll not only look magical but also have a functional vape pen at your disposal. This costume is perfect for those who want to add a touch of fantasy to their Halloween night..

Adult Purple Wizard Costume for Men, Magic Sorcerer Halloween Outfit, Warlock Outfit for Parties X-Large

2. Vape Cloud Magician: Master of Illusions

Imagine walking into a dimly lit Halloween party and instantly becoming the center of attention. The Vape Cloud Magician costume achieves just that. Dress in dark, mysterious attire, and carry a discreet vape pen. Throughout the evening, strategically release vape clouds that you can manipulate into various shapes and forms using hand movements. Your vape-induced illusions will captivate the audience and leave them mesmerized.

3. Mad Scientist Vaper: Experiments in Flavor

Unleash your inner mad scientist with this creative costume idea. Dress in a lab coat, don safety goggles, and carry a vape mod that resembles a scientific instrument. Your mission: to experiment with unique vape flavors and concoct Halloween-themed e-liquids. Share your “mad scientist” creations with fellow partygoers, offering them a taste of your spooktacular vape flavors.

Jiuguva 9 Pcs Halloween Mad Scientist Costume for Adult Men including Coat Belt Beaker Gloves Goggles Wig Mustache Eyebrows (Classic Style,Medium)

4. Ghostly Vaper: Hauntingly Cool

For a classic yet stylish Halloween costume, consider the Ghostly Vaper. Transform into a ghostly figure by donning a white sheet with strategically cut-out eye holes. Incorporate a vape pen into your costume, and exhale vapor through the eye holes, creating an eerie and ethereal effect. This timeless costume choice is easy to put together and guaranteed to make an impression.

DSplay Unisex Ghost Costume Adult Hood Robe for Halloween Party

5. Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

Incorporate a vape pen discreetly within the costume to mimic a smokestack, adding an authentic effect.

6. The Witches Cauldron

Carry a portable vape device designed like a cauldron, exhaling vape “potions” for a mystical touch.

7. Hugh Hefner Costume

Elevate your iconic red silk robe look with a vape pen, a more socially acceptable choice than traditional smoking.

8. Burn Victim Costume

Make a dramatic entrance by incorporating a vape pen that emits smoke to create the illusion of still smoldering from a fire.

Fxe Faux Studio Zombie Burns Halloween Latex Prosthetic Appliance.

9. Fire Fighter Costume

Embrace heroism with a vape pen concealed in your firefighter attire, reinforcing the theme.

Leg Avenue Women's Hot Zone Honey Firefighter Costume

10. Smoke Alarm Costume

Go all out with smoke effects, thanks to your vape pen, but avoid the annoying beep sound.

Rubie's Adult Dumpster Fire Inflatable Costume, As Shown, One Size

11. Sexy Witch Costume

Enhance your allure with a vape pen, making you so hot you’re virtually “smoking.”

Toulite 4 Pieces Halloween Witch Hat and Black Enchanted Web Costume Accessories Masquerade Mask Wizard Flying Broom Stick for Halloween Party Cosplay Costume Accessory

12. Cheech and Chong

Complement your iconic duo costume with realistic vape props that add authenticity.

13. Death Costume

Create a spooky atmosphere with vapors emanating from your mask, adding an eerie touch to your costume.

14. Marilyn Monroe Costume

Emulate the Hollywood icon with a vape pen that resembles a pencil cigarette holder, adding a touch of sophistication.

Sanctuarie Designs Marilyn Monroe Plus Size Supersize Halloween Costume Deluxe Wig Kit 4xT

15. Devil/Succubus Costume

Exude fiery charm with a vape pen, proving you’re indeed “smoking hot.”

16. Steampunk Costume

Enhance the genre with creativity by producing steam-like vapors from your homemade vape.

Adult Steampunk Adventurer Costume Large

17. Sub Zero or Smoke (Mortal Kombat) Costume

Stay cool and in character with a vape pen emitting smoke, aligning perfectly with the Mortal Kombat theme.

18. Dragon Costume

Embrace your inner dragon by puffing out vapors, adding an authentic and mystical touch to your costume.

tasanor Dinosaur Costumes for Adults,Inflatable Costume Adult,Blow Up Ride Dragon Costume,Halloween Costumes for Men Women (72INCH)

19. 1920’s Flapper Costume

Channel the roaring twenties with a vape pen that complements the era when smoking was fashionable.

Leadtex Women's 1920s Fringed Flapper Costume,Gangster Lady Costume,Great Gatsby Dresses with Feather Headband,Beaded Necklace Black 12-14

20. Snoop Dog Costume

Stay true to character with a convincing vape prop, adding an authentic touch to your costume.

21. Ninja Costume

Conceal a pocket smoke bomb in your costume for a stealthy and dramatic effect.

22. Genie Costume

Fulfill wishes by incorporating a vape pen into your lamp prop, creating a magical mist effect.

23. Volcano Costume

Get creative and add fun to the costume by creating an illusion of volcanic eruptions using vape.

Kilauea Volcano Halloween Hooded Cape Halloween Adult Hooded Cape, Carnival, Costume Party Adult Party Decoration Cape

24. Bowser / Bowsett Costume

 Rock the Mario world with a vape pen that suits your chosen character, adding authenticity to your costume.

25. Teapot Costume

Bring your teapot costume to life with a vape pen producing “steam” as if it’s freshly brewed.

Rasta Imposta Tea Pot with Lid Costume Teapot Womens Mens Play Dress Up Party Cosplay Costumes, Adult One Size

26. Tea Kettle Costume

Tip over and pour out vapors from your costume’s “spout” for an amusing twist.

27. A Vape Machine Costume

Go all-in by incorporating a vape machine into your costume, leaving no room for confusion. 

28. A Vaper Costume

Showcase your vape tricks and skills while dressed as a vape enthusiast, impressing everyone at the party. Grab a Juul Pen, one of the most popular vaping devices on the market. This pen looks like a big USB drive and can emit a ton of nicotine all at once.

29. Leonardo DiCaprio Costume

Emulate the actor’s style with a vape pen, showcasing your Hollywood flair and vaping sophistication.

Remember, at Canny Costumes, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best Halloween ideas to make your celebration truly unforgettable.

vape costume
Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

6 Fun Halloween Vape Decor Ideas

1. Vape-O-Lantern: A Glowing Classic

One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the carved pumpkin, commonly known as a Jack-o’-Lantern. But why not add a vaping twist to this classic tradition? Create a Vape-O-Lantern by carving your pumpkin with vape-related designs. With a hollowed-out pumpkin, you can install a small vaporizer inside, allowing it to emit eerie fog-like vapors.

2. Vape Cauldron Centerpiece

Create a captivating centerpiece for your Halloween party by using a large glass cauldron. Fill it with water and add dry ice for a spooky, bubbling effect. Place a vape device discreetly inside the cauldron, so it emits vapor, giving the appearance of a magical potion brewing.

Halloween Outdoor Decorations Large Cauldron Halloween Decor on Tripod with Timer Lights - Black Plastic Cauldron Witches Halloween Decorations for Porch Yard Outdoor

3. Vape Spider Webs

Craft spider webs using cotton candy or cotton balls and strategically place small vape pens within them. When activated, the vape pens release vapors, making it look like the spiders are creating eerie, smoky webs throughout your space.

4. Haunted Vape Mirror

Transform a regular mirror into a haunted one by attaching a vape pen behind it. When activated, the vape pen’s vapors will slowly seep through the mirror, creating a ghostly, foggy effect that adds an eerie ambiance to your Halloween decor.

5. Vape-Powered Jack-o’-Lanterns

Take your pumpkin carving to the next level by carving vape pens into your Jack-o’-Lanterns. When activated, these vape pens will emit fog-like vapors, making your pumpkin creations even spookier.

6. Vape Mist Graveyard

Set up a miniature graveyard scene in your yard or on a table indoors. Bury small vape devices in the “graves” and activate them periodically. The rising vapor will create an eerie, misty atmosphere, giving your Halloween decor a graveyard vibe.

Halloween Vape Decor
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

These vape-themed Halloween decoration ideas are sure to add a unique and spooky twist to your Halloween celebrations.

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