27 Halloween Costume Ideas For Vapers
Teapot Costume
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27 Halloween Costume Ideas For Vapers

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It is that time of year again where fall is taking over, pumpkin spice is literally everywhere, and Halloween is just around the corner.  For those of you in the holiday spirit, it is time to find a costume and book those parties. If you happen to be a vaper, then you have a few extra gadgets up your sleeve to make Halloween even more fun.  Here is a list of 27 ideas to make Halloween that much more fun.

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine – You will have your own built in smoke stack for added effect.
  2. The Witches Cauldron – Nothing like a portable smoking vat of potion.
  3. Hugh Hefner – Rock your own penthouse with a red silk robe and vape.  More socially acceptable than smoking.
  4. Wizard – Rock a Harry Potter outfit with your own smoking wand.  
  5. Burn Victim – Can you imagine going to a party still smoking from the fire?
  6. Fire Fighter – Same concept as the burn victim, but this time you’re the hero!
  7. Smoke Alarm – You can have all the smoke you want, just don’t make that annoying beep.
  8. Sexy Witch – So hot you are smoking, or at least vaping.
  9. Cheech and Chong – Of course, the vape is just going to be a very convincing prop.
  10. Death – This one could take some coordination but think of your vape coming out of the mask.
  11. Marilyn Monroe – but only if you make your vape look like the pencil cigarette holder.
  12. Devil/Succubus – Again, smoking hot and your own props to prove it.
  13. Steampunk – More of a genre, but with some creativity you can provide your own steam.  That steam of course coming from your homemade vape.
  14. Sub Zero or Smoke (Mortal Kombat) – Be cool, just not too cool.
  15. Dragon – Either puff the magic dragon or something more sinister, you have your own smoke
  16. 1920’s Flapper – When swing dance and smoking were all the rage.
  17. Magician – Just be prepared to pull a few tricks out of your hat.
  18. Snoop Dog – Just like Cheech up above, a convincing prop.
  19. Ninja – Comes with your own pocket smoke bomb.
  20. Genie – Be someone’s dream with your own lamp and mist.
  21. Volcano – A stretch of the imagination but could have some fun with this idea.
  22. Bowser / Bowsette – Have some fun from the Mario world, which ever version you want to rock!

    Teapot Costume
    Image Source: Pinterest
  23. Tea Kettle – Tip me over and pour me out!
  24. A Vape Machine – This one is a little bit over the top but would cut down on the confusion.
  25. A Vaper – Hey if you are good at tricks, pull out your skills and show off.
  26. Juul Pen:  One of the most popular vaping devices on the market.  This pen looks like a big USB drive and can emit a ton of nicotine all at once.

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s vape pen
    Image Source: The Daily Dot
  27. Leonardo DiCaprio:  One of the biggest celebrity vapers around.  You could dress as your favorite DiCaprio character and throw a vape into the costume as well.

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