How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day

How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day

How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day
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In a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreations the character coins the term “Galentine’s Day” putting an official terminology into our lexicon of a concept that has existed since the first celebration of St. Valentine himself. There is a tremendous undercurrent throughout the winter and it grows in strength exponentially as the holidays occur.

This invisible hand ushers us to find a significant other to cohabitate with. It’s starts at Thanksgiving, then Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa and then picks up incredible speed for New Year’s Eve. If you’ve found yourself with a proverbial “partner” at any range of the spectrum of love it builds up to a raging rapid by Valentine’s Day. Those who are between Valentine’s historically would get together with a group of close pals and celebrate, in a lot of ways, a deeper and often times more lasting love.

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This is Galentine’s Day. Hollywood would often have you believe that it is observed sad and eating ice cream dressed like a college sophomore home on winter break. This is a conspiracy put together by big Ice Cream. Galantine’s Day is not a day of spite or unmet expectation. Galentine’s Day is a celebration of liberty and the pursuit of happiness with wonderful people who mutually want what’s best in life for one another. Here are a few things I recommend:

1. By Invitation Only

This isn’t a rando roundup. You are not the red cross and you are under no obligation to take in strays. This is small circle. This is people who would and likely have been present when you had to explain what happened to the cops. Understand everyone’s availability differs as this is the path and we sometimes find ourselves in and out love during these seasons.

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2. The Venue

Dinner is tough so reservations early are mandatory. Don’t sweat it, you’re competing with a lot of forgetful guys so two weeks out is plenty of time. I love a color theme party, I would avoid red since it’s a tad on the nose for Valentine’s Day. Yellow is fantastic, pink is to die for, white is elegant and timeless, and black, well who owns a “little mauve dress”.

Another option is to move the party to a private residence it saves a bit on the pocket and also eliminates the other people trying to survive a traditional V-Day. For this I would recommend picnic style spread with nothing that requires immediate consumption but won’t leave you and your guests starving. Candles and lamps always give things a beautiful glow. If we aren’t actively participating in love we should at least observe its purpose. I recommend a brilliant film that is otherwise hard to convince a partner to watch. “Titanic”, “the Notebook”, “When Harry Met Sally”,  “Boomerang”, “As Good As It Gets” read the room.

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3. Activities

These are a few of my favorite things (Cheese, Charcuterie, Chocolate, Carbs)

Cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and bread have kept the French alive for millennia so they must be on to something. For this activity, assign each person in your squad for building different spreads of things they are passionate about.

Pro Tip: keep things deconstructed for dietary allergies and restrictions.

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Picasso Baby!

Ditch the tutorials and just create. Pick up some pre-stretched canvases and acrylics from a hobby store, play some jazz, open some wine and let the creating begin! This isn’t to become rich and famous, it is a long overdue opportunity for your inner artist to come out. You know the one your elementary art teacher tried to shade to death drawing fruit? No Galentine’s would be complete without the sheer indulgence of sweets. Chocolates, Petit fours, Macrons, ganache.

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape

Each person proposes at least one song and the idea is to make the most fantastic mix tape. This is not only a fun journey, but it also seals a memory in music that will get you through the hits and misses of the spring and summer. You can pick a specific theme or keep it vague with “love songs”

Create a Signature Cocktail

For this year, may I suggest a little ironic wink to Sex And The City (The epitome of live each day like it’s Galentine’s) every Bartender’s dread from 98-04

The Cosmopolitan

Girls' Night In: The Thirsty Gal's Guide to Cocktails for Every Gal Pal Occasion

After all this is your one majestic and wild life, don’t waste it on unrequited love.

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