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Valentines Day Dress

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dress

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the anticipation for a romantic celebration is in the air. As you plan your special day, one crucial element to consider is the outfit you’ll be wearing. Finding the perfect...

Galentines Day Party

10 Easy Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

This year I am organizing a Galentine’s Day party with about 10 girlfriends. Our latest WhatsApp discussion has been – What do we do for Galentine’s day?  Here are 10 Easy things to do to host your Galentine’s Day party...

How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day

How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day

In a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreations the character coins the term “Galentine’s Day” putting an official terminology into our lexicon of a concept that has existed since the first celebration of St. Valentine himself. There is a tremendous...

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