Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest Costumes
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Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Canny Costumes

Oktoberfest has been around for more than two hundred years. Since first celebrated in 1810, it has occupied its place as the largest beer festival in the world. Though celebrated worldwide, the leading and most prominent event gets celebrated in Munich, Germany. Although the name is Oktoberfest, the central part of the event usually happens in September.

We understand you are eager to celebrate the event and, therefore, have rounded up the best costume ideas for you to wear so you look the part. The traditional dress for women includes the Dirndl, shoes, a small purse, and accessories. The Lederhosen, a shirt, good shoes, and accessories form the standard attire for men.

1. Dirndl Collection

This year’s dirndl collection perfectly fits the Oktoberfest mood. It relates to the German style of traditional wear and is what you should wear to the Oktoberfest. Though the design and style of each outfit seem similar, they have their differences. You can easily select your color and design from the collection. However, the simple, smooth colors fit more with the fest. But then again, one needs to stand out.

GloryStar Women's German Dirndl Dress Costumes for Bavarian Oktoberfest Carnival Halloween (L, Blue Plaid)

2. Adult Beer Maiden Costume

The Adult Beer Maiden costume fits as a perfect part of this event since it matches the culture exceptionally well. The green skirt, white shirt, black overcoat, and brown leather-look belt will mix you up. The vibrant feel to it and the shoulder puff sleeves make you a German beer girl.

Adult Beer Maiden Costume | S-M | 1 PC.

3. The Lederhosen for Men

This dress has everything a man needs for the Oktoberfest. The white shirt, and suspenders, attached with a bow and a hat, all to send you back to the beginning. All the parts of the attire, like the Alpine hat, the suspenders, and shorts, make it a perfect cultural attire for the fest. A costume of this type, with a bright smile, sets you up for the ultimate experience.

Morph Lederhosen Men German Bavarian Oktoberfest Outfit Mens Halloween Costumes X-Large

4. Lederhosen Shorts

Lederhosen shorts also form an excellent fit for the fest. Most men can be seen wearing these shorts, which provide better comfort. The shorts mostly look good in dark colors with a white shirt. Besides, dark shoes are a must. This is just an idea, so you can always create your, like check shirts with check shorts also look great.

Fun Shack Oktoberfest Costume Men Dark Lederhosen Bavarian Brown Halloween Costumes For Men Medium

Accessories for Women

Besides your main dress, you must wear suitable shoes and accessories. The standard accessories include the money wallet, scarf, bra stash, flower crowns, cardigan or coats, and braids. You can choose any of these you want, but make sure you don’t use too many at once, as it might destroy the entire outfit.

Adults Bavarian Wig Adults Blonde Pigtails German Oktoberfest Hair Accessory

Accessories for Men

As described above, accessories have the same importance in men’s dress as in women’s. Therefore, you must have carefully selected accessories to match your costume. Major add-ons for traditional dresses include hats – mostly Alpine, cool but elegant-looking belts, vests, or waistcoats.

Tigerdoe Oktoberfest Hats - German Alpine Hat - Bavarian Hat with Feather (2 Pack)


This article covers the most stylish ways of dressing yourself for Octoberfest. We hope you find something to your taste for this event. Good luck!

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