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Halloween Frosted Cutout Sugar Cookies

Halloween Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe

  This easy recipe for frosted sugar cookies is delicious to make, eat and share all year round for every holiday and special occasion, but making cut-out cookies with Halloween cookie cutters in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, bats, black cats...

Make Your Halloween Costume Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Costume Stand Out

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t aware of the reason for people dressing up for the Halloween. But this is arguably the best part of the celebration. What used to be once a one-evening holiday for the kids, transformed to a multi-day festival...

Halloween Traditions

5 Offbeat Halloween Traditions Around the World

These traditions steer far from the typical “ Trick or Treat” tradition. Who did the ghost bring as his date?… His “Ghoul”friend! Okay we’ll stop with the jokes. They just keep getting worse. Moving on, Halloween is a celebration that moves...

preparing for Halloween

How to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is totally not just for children. Though we all grow out of our trick-or-treating days, that doesn’t mean you have to put the holiday behind you entirely. In fact, there may be even more to do on Halloween as an adult. Here are just a few...

10 Halloween Dessert Ideas

9 Halloween Dessert Ideas

Need some inspirations on what dessert to serve at your Halloween party? Here are ten easy Halloween dessert ideas! 1. Halloween Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe – Canny Costumes This easy recipe for frosted sugar cookies is delicious to make, eat...

DIY Costumes

3 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to DIY costume ideas you have scads of fun choices. Here are three child-friendly options to consider. Even better, your kids will have a blast helping you make these DIY costumes for them or yourself. 1. The Sun Costume Making a...

Dog pumpkin costume

Halloween Costume Ideas For Pets

Halloween is a night for scary surprises, free candy for the kids and the chance for you and your pets to dress up in Halloween costumes. Even though Fido cannot eat chocolate, your dog may enjoy getting all dressed up Halloween. Costume designers...

20+ Easy Halloween Crafts

20+ Easy Halloween Crafts

We’ve scoured the internet for the best easy Halloween crafts for kids to make. You are sure to find an easy Halloween craft for every age of kids, from toddler to preschool to grade school for your Halloween party.

Homemade Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes expensive! And if you waited too late in the season, you may not have many costume choices left. Therefore homemade costumes are more fun and oftentimes more much cheaper! Plus, if you involve your kids in creating the homemade...

Easy Witch Hands

Easy Halloween Craft: Witch’s Hands

Looking for an enchanting yet simple Halloween craft? Look no further! Crafting witch’s hands is a fantastic and budget-friendly project that utilizes everyday supplies you probably already have at home. This creative endeavor is perfect for a...

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