How to Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

How to Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

how to wear ugly christmas sweater

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Truly, could there be anything worse than opening up a beautifully wrapped present, pushing away the tissue paper and seeing an absolutely hideous-looking Christmas sweater inside of the box? It’s something that happens, even to the best of us.

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So that you don’t hurt the feelings of the person who gave it to you, rather than throwing it away or donating it to a thrift store in your area, have you ever considered simply adding some of your own personal style to the sweater?

If you’re looking for a few ideas on things that you can do that will help to accessorize an ugly Christmas sweater, check out the fashion tips that we have for you below.

Some Blue Jeans

Chances are, being that it’s a Christmas sweater, it is probably going to be a bit on the “busy side” as it relates to its design. Something you can do to offset that a bit is to put on some blue jeans. Just make sure that they are a dark blue denim without a lot of embellishments on it. Trust us when we say that the sweater will provide more than enough “extras” to look at.

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A Little Black Dress

If the sweater happens to be a button-down cardigan, another cute idea is to put it over a little black dress. If you opt to wear the sweater as more of a jacket (meaning, you have the buttons open), the focus will probably be more on the dress than the sweater anyway.

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A Jacket

Although some Christmas sweaters are a bit on the bulky side, the reality is that not all of them are. If your ugly Christmas sweater is “sized to fit”, another thing that you can do is wear it under a jacket. If it’s a leather or velvet one, you might be surprised by how well the sweater actually complements it.

Some Cool Accessories

OK, depending on how bright the sweater is and how many things are on it (like Christmas tree ornaments, animals or Christmas bows), you might not want to put on a lot of jewelry.

But do make sure that you accessorize the sweater with some really nice shoes (or even better, a pair of leather boots) and a hat and/or purse. Trust us, if the shoes are stylish enough, it will help to detract from the sweater.

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A Great Coat

If there’s one great thing about ugly Christmas sweaters, it’s the fact that no one is expecting you to wear it all year long; just through the holiday season. So, who said that you had to wear it on a first date?

If you’re planning on going Christmas caroling with the family or to a football game with some of your friends, use this as an opportunity to put your sweater under a really fashionable coat. If you top it off with a neck scarf, no one has to ever know that you have it on and when the person who gave you the sweater asks you if you’ve worn it, you won’t have to lie.

It’s a win/win all the way around! Happy Holidays!

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