Ugly Outfits

Ugly Outfits

Ugly Outfits
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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Canny Costumes

There’s rarely an outfit that receives unanimous praise, but there are often clothes that receive a united judgment of disgust. However, sometimes that’s exactly what we want. Some people do not want their dresses to be iconic on big occasions like Halloween or Christmas. Some people like to stand out for the ugliness and weirdness of their unique dresses. You can take advantage of some of the following ideas if you are also looking for some ugly dress inspirations.

Previous years’ designs are often a great inspiration for creating ugly outfits. However, you should go with the dress that fits your budget, is the ease of making and likeness.

Ugly Outfit Ideas for Big Occasions

1. Cotton Ball Dress

Designing a DIY cotton ball dress is pretty simple. You can easily find all the necessary items at home or by taking a trip to Walmart. You will require lots of cotton balls to cover your dress and white glue.

Wear a simple white dress and add cotton balls to it with the help of white glue. Keep adding the cotton balls till you cover all of the fabric. You might find it challenging to add cotton while wearing the dress. Thus, we recommend you prepare the dress on a mannequin and wear it.

For further effect, you can add fairy lights or additional glitters on top of your dress. Match your outfit with white sneakers or heels and a headband.

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2. Tree Dress

In the list of ugly outfits, the tree dress always gets a prominent spot due to the over-exaggeration of tree elements and weird shapes. You can even look it online for a brief idea of what you are about to create.

Take a big cardboard box and shape it into a cone. Make sure you leave room for your arms and legs. After that, you can add fabric with the help of glue.

You can design the dress according to the occasion. Add tree ornaments if it is for Christmas or horror elements for Halloween.

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3. Tee Shirt With a Glitter Tutu

Tee shirts look good with pants, skirts, and even leggings. However, there is one thing they do not look good with, and that is a glitter tutu. For this ugly outfit, you can match any of your tee shirts with a matching tutu.

You can either buy one or watch a DIY video to make it at home. Match your outfit with fairy wings and a magic wand.

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4. Balloon Wrap Dress

If you run out of ideas or want to make something unique, you can take help from modeling balloons. These long, slender balloons can easily turn and twist around your body. You can secure the knots or ends with thread or glue them together to give a proper dress shape.

We recommend you twist and align the balloons while standing to stay in shape. You can take help from a family member or friend.

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If you have a thing for ugly outfits or want to wear one as a dare, take help from our list of ideas. You can wear a balloon dress, tree dress, cotton balls or tutu dress. Try making your dresses at home because you can easily find all items at Walmart or any department store nearby. If you’re short on time, you can then purchase them online. Etsy has a pretty good “Ugly Dress” selection.

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