Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater

Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater

Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Canny Costumes

The ugly Christmas sweater has been a fun holiday trend for a while but has reached new heights recently. Many wear them to make a statement that’s way out of proportion with who they are. As a result, they can create a lot of unwanted attention. However, during the holidays, they’ve become the inspiration behind a holiday tradition in which people compete to see who can find the ugliest Christmas sweater.

There are many options to choose from, from the classic ugly Christmas sweater to sweaters with ugly phrases written on them. However, like any regular sweater, having the right fit is crucial when looking for a plus size ugly Christmas sweater. Due to the constraints of the fashion industry, plus-size women and men can find it difficult to find unique holiday attire that fits.

Don’t fret: we’ve researched plus-size Christmas sweaters so that plus-size individuals can also participate in this classic holiday tradition. Below, we’ve included several ideas for plus-size ugly Christmas sweaters.

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

The reindeer sweater is a classic. The fabric used varies, but the creative design makes you look like a reindeer. It is an excellent choice for those seeking an ugly yet cute plus-size sweater to wear at an office holiday party or a family Christmas dinner. While many “ugly” Christmas sweaters are hideous, have ugly Christmas sentiments, or are just plain ridiculous, the plus-size reindeer sweater is both cute and ugly.

What’s more, it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. You can pair the sweater with anything from jeans and boots to velvety pants and heels. You can also add a fur necklace and pair it with a warm coat for a more elegant look.

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Christmas Tree Sweater

Instead of bringing a tree to your friend’s party, why not wear it? Christmas tree sweaters are covered in ornaments and tinsel to level up your ugly Christmas sweater game. Some also have tiny presents dangling from them. They are unique enough to turn heads your way regardless of your size.

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Sweater with Lights

Instead of using string and tinsel to decorate your sweater, why not utilize Christmas lights? A sweater with lights is an entertaining idea for any kid or adult. They are practical and multifunctional. Better yet, they look ridiculous, making them an excellent ugly Christmas sweater! Remember that you might have to carry a few extra batteries with you in case the ones in your sweater die.

Tinsel Sweater

Tinsel is arguably one of the most hideous materials. Thus, creating a holiday sweater out of tinsel disrupts the casual aesthetic of sweaters by making them distinctively ugly. That’s why tinsel is a popular addition to many ugly Christmas sweaters — especially the ugliest of them all!


Christmas is the perfect time to break out your ugly sweater. However, your clothing options aren’t necessarily as diverse when you’re plus-sized. In this article, we listed several ideas for the perfect plus size ugly Christmas sweater. By wearing any of these enjoyably hideous sweaters, you’ll be able to bring cheer and laughter to any holiday party.

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